See Our News is a Free Australian News Platform

It is built for small social groups like clubs and organisations to communicate their news and issues directly to their members.

Our Features

Engage in commenting, discussing, learning, debating, supporting, and connecting with like-minded individuals who share your interests on our platform. Our primary goal is to deliver accurate news updates directly to you. Choose to follow only the individuals you wish to stay connected with.

See Our News - Chat Messaging

Chat Messaging

The perfect way to communicate with your friends and family.

See Our News - Unlimited Posts

Unlimited Posts

You are not limited to the number of posts or their size.

See Our News - Follow Personalities

Follow Personalities

Follow the people you like, when you like. Why not become a personality yourself?

See Our News - Free Australian News Platform
See Our News - Australian Owned

Australian Owned

See Our News is an Australian owned social media and news platform.

See Our News - Organisations & Groups

Organisations & Groups

Great way to let your members know about past and future events.

See Our News - Search in your Region

Search in your Region

Find and follow only those organisations you're interested in.

See Our News - Free Australian News Platform

About us

Our organisation is motivated to create a social media platform that is unbiased, secure, and user-friendly, catering to everyone’s needs.

We have taken into account the apprehensions of governments, individuals, and organisations, and being Australian owned, we have complete control over our security measures.

Our objective is to provide a simple yet secure platform that is accessible to all. We are committed to eliminating any inappropriate behavior, safeguarding against data breaches, preventing unsuitable advertising, and empowering users to block unwanted accounts if necessary.

Who is a

Any individual who wishes to utilise our application can be considered a “personality”. With our app, personalities have the ability to follow other individuals or organisations, create posts, comment on posts, and like other personalities’ content. Additionally, personalities can browse the app to discover local or global organisations.

See Our News - Free Australian News Platform - Follow Personalities
See Our News - Free Australian News Platform - Follow Organisations, Groups & Clubs

What is an

An organisation can refer to any assembly of individuals united by a common interest, such as a golf club, a local fire department, or any business entity that wishes to communicate their latest updates to individuals who are interested in their organisation. With our platform, anyone can establish a group / organisation centered around a shared objective or theme.

One great example of how See Our News can be used by organisations is during the bushfire season. Residents of bushfire prone areas can download the See Our News app, and follow their local RFS group. They will then receive timely and accurate information from the fire department.